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Equestrian Information 

In concert with the University of Maryland Extension, the MSCD periodically offers pasture walks and equine workshops, the most popular being the Horse Management Workshop.

For the latest workshop dates, see the Events page.


Equine Services

Forage Testing

If you are curious about the quality of your hay, the district offers free forage sampling for equine and other animal operations in Montgomery County. We no longer loan or rent out the sampling probes, but we are willing to schedule a time to sample your hay that is convenient to you and your operation.


The best time to have the hay sampled is after it has fully cured and/or when you have purchased a large number of bales and rolls from a single source. District specialists will endeavor to take a sample that is representative of the lot.


You may download the PDF below to learn more about forage testing and some of the labs in our area which can perform the analysis.

Video Resources

Herbal Pastures for Improved Horse Health

By Dr. Joyce Harman

Video length: 44 mins 38 sec

  • Goals of an herbal feeding program

  • Grains vs. grass

  • Healthy pastures and healthy gardens

Forages Fertility: Basics, Nutrients, Soil Testing

By Professor Gurpal Toor

Video length: 38 mins 34 sec

  • Soil basics: organic matter, composition, pH, liming

  • Nutrients

  • Soil testing: diagnosing problems, reading reports

Heavy Use Areas

Video length: 31 mins 22 sec

Hay Sampling

Video length: 18 mins 8 sec

  • Choosing hay: color, leafiness, and maturity

  • Forage tests

Downloadable Resources

First Year Planting

Presentation: Managing a first year pasture planting. Downloadable equine resources from MSCD

Fertility and Weed Control

PDF: Weed Mangement in Horse Pastures. Downloadable resource from MSCD.

Soils Info (NRCS)

PDF: Soils info from NRCS. Downloadable equine resources from MSCD

Soil Testing

PDF: Soil Testing. Downloadable resource from MSCD.

Equine Contractors

PDF: Equine Contractors Montgomery County. Downloadable resource from MSCD.
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