Recruitment for MSCD Board of Supervisors

The Montgomery Soil Conservation District is currently conducting recruitments for Extension and At Large appointments to the District Board.

A soil conservation district constitutes a political subdivision of the State, and a public body corporate and politic, exercising public powers. The District's Board of Supervisors conducts surveys, investigations, and research relating to the character of soil erosion. Within the District, the Board carries out preventive and control measures, including engineering operations, cultivation methods, the growing of vegetation, changes in land use, and other measures.

As a requirement of this appointment, a candidate selected must attend monthly Board meetings, attend both District and State Association events and other meetings as necessary, and must take an oath of office. The term of these appointments are five years, with the option to be reconsidered for appointment. 

Interested individuals may submit a resume along with a cover letter of interest via email to by COB (5 PM) on March 5, 2021.

Application period:

February 26-March 5, 2021

2019 MASCD Awards

We're thrilled to announce that Montgomery SCD won FOUR awards at the August 2020 Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts annual conference (held virtually this year) for 2019:

Conservation Education District
Outstanding Newsletter (tied with Howard SCD)

1st Place in the MidAtlantic Farm Credit Outstanding District Award

Outstanding Employee: James Harne

Close Encounters with Agriculture

MSCD director John Zawitoski accepts NRCS award for volunteerism

The District was recognized by USDA-NRCS for our volunteer conservation outreach and education efforts associated with the Close Encounters with Agriculture Program (CEWA).

We are very proud of this program and the countless hours our staff and volunteers contribute in delivering the CEWA program to County elementary schools.

Learn more about the CEWA program at the UMD Extension's website.

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