EQIP Update

The deadline for the last round for EQIP signup is February 21, 2014, pending a new farm bill. There may be additional opportunities for signing up later this fiscal year but in case no additional signup periods are announced, those interested in EQIP funding should submit their completed application no later than February 21. Even if you are unable to complete your application by the deadline, you can still submit your EQIP application and may be eligible for future funding opportunities.

If you have any additional questions concerning EQIP funding, please contact the District and we will put you in touch with one of our NRCS technicians.

2013-2014 Cover Crop Update

Please remember that cover crops signed up for traditional cover crop must be killed down or suppressed no later than March 1, 2014. Fertilizer may not be applied on fields enrolled in 2013-2014 cover crop before March 1, 2014.

2013 Cooperator's Dinner

The Montgomery Soil Conservation District's Cooperator's Dinner was a wonderful success! We would like to take this time to thank all of our Sponsors who's generous donations helped us to put on this special event:

Marchwicki Excavating Co. Farm and Equine Business Services, LLC- 2013 GOLD Sponsor

Air View Farm-William E. Barnes

Butler's Orchard

Willard Agri Service of Frederick, Inc.

J. David Mullinix & Son, Inc.

Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit

Beallsville Valley Farm

Good Choice Farm

During the Dinner, Awards were presented to outstanding members of the Agricultural Community who have gone the extra mile in advancing conservation practices across Montgomery County. Neal Brown (left) recieved the 2013 Cooperator of the Year award, while Tim McGrath (center) recieved the award for Outstanding Associate Supervisor and JG Warfield (right) recieved a Certificate of Appreciation from the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Congratulations to these individuals and the many other fine conservationists who have recieved awards over the course of Ten Years since the District has been holding these events. We earnestly look forward to next year!

Nutrient Management Update

The 2012 Nutrient Management Law is gradually being implemented. As of Spring 2013, Manure, biosolids, and other organic nutrient sources must be injected or incorporated into the soil within 48 hours of application. There are exceptions for spray irrigation on a growing crop, permanent pastures, hay production fields, and highly erodible fields. Information clarifying exceptions can be viewed HERE.

As of Spring 2014, farmers are required to establish a 35 foot setback for fertilizer applications adjacent to surface waters (including sediment control ponds and streams). Farmers are also required to establish a 10 foot setback for fields where livestock graze and where directed fertilizer application methods, such as injection are used. Land found to be in violation of these setbacks will not be eligible for participation in the CRP program at a later date. Farmers who are currently working with the District to implement a Soil Conservation and Water Quality plan may have the fencing requirement waived or postponed.

Information on this and additional requirements planned for 2015 and beyond can be viewed HERE. Feel free to contact the District at 301-590-2855 if you have any additional concerns or would like to know how the district can assist you in meeting the requirements of the new law.

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