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Meeting & COVID-19 Response Updates

MSCD Board Meeting and Executive Session will next be held in January.

Click the button below for meeting information.

The Offices at the Ag History Farm Park, including the MSCD office, are open to the public but please contact the MSCD to make an appointment before coming in.


Montgomery Soil Conservation District (MSCD)’s major function is to analyze natural resource needs and provide technical services to design and implement programs to solve soil and water conservation problems. District staff work closely with state extension and federal Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) staff to provide a science-based approach to these areas of agricultural production. Although landowners pay for implementation of Best Management Practices, the technical services provided by the District are without cost.

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We now offer local funding assistance for livestock fencing around the County

Rent the District's no-till drill, manure spreader, walk-behind tractor, and plastic mulch lifter

Find information on fertility and weed control, soil testing, and more

The USDA's soil survey provides soil data and maps for more than 95% of the nation’s counties

Email an MSCD Staff Member for Conservation Support

What’s New?

PDF: Buying a Farm. Downloadable resource from MSCD.

"Picturing Yourself on Your Own Farm?" - Our new pamphlet is now available.

We're thrilled to announce that Montgomery SCD won multiple awards for 2020 at the Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts annual conference this year:

Conservation Education District of the Year

2nd Place in the MidAtlantic Farm Credit Outstanding District Award

Awards List_2020.png

Education Programs

There is no aspect of our work that has more bearing on the future, or gives us more satisfaction than enriching someone’s knowledge about agriculture, soil conservation, and resource protection.  It is a priority that is intertwined in everything we do. 
The Supervisors exhibit their dedication to education by participating in Close Encounters with Agriculture, being judges for the State and National Envirothon competitions, and giving presentations to schools. 
The Staff makes conservation education an important part of their daily routine – every phone call, every meeting with a farmer, every talk for students is an opportunity to educate.

Upcoming Events

MSCD Board Meeting
January 13, 2023

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair
August 2023

Close Encounters with Agriculture

October 2023
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