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Farmside Chat Series: The Hazards of White-tailed Deer

During the evening of August 5, 2021, the Montgomery County Farm Bureau, in cooperation with the Maryland Farm Bureau, the Montgomery County Office of Agriculture, and Montgomery Soil Conservation District, conducted the third of a five-part Farmside Chat series directed at our legislative community to educate and inform about the real issues facing farmers in an increasingly difficult economic environment as well as addressing import topics that not only impact farmers but the rest of our community.

The third Farmside Chat focused on issues associated with the overabundance of White-tailed Deer in the County. Farmers discussed with legislators that this is more then just a crop damage issue. It is a public safety and health issue. The number of vehicle collisions and people getting sick from deer tick-borne illnesses is rising dramatically. It was emphasized that farmers need more tools and flexibility for managing deer populations on their farms and there needs to be better process for integrating deer meat into the public food supply.

Many thanks to Robert “Bobby” Jamison that hosted the event at his farm in Poolesville.


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