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Montgomery County S.T.E.M. Teachers Tour Montgomery County Farms

Doug Lechlider, Laytonsville Landscaping, explains how turf farming has evolved and the practices they use to conserve soil and promote soil health.

On August 12, the Montgomery Soil Conservation District, County Office of Agriculture, and Maryland Extension partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to sponsor a day-long tour of Montgomery County agriculture.

STEM teachers learned about the diversity of County agriculture and how farmers engage new technologies designed to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides, techniques to conserve water and soil resources, promote soil health for a better Montgomery County and Chesapeake Bay.

On behalf of the MCPS community, thank you all for sharing your work life with us. No one can speak to what farming is and what it takes better than you, and being on site with you provided a whole other level of understanding. You made the message clear that local agriculture not only produces food, beauty, and entertainment, but also helps to protect the Bay through targeted use of chemicals, conservation of soil and water, and when possible, alternative energy sources”.

Laurie C. Jenkins, Supervisor

Pre-K – 12 Environmental Literacy and

Outdoor Environmental Education Programs


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