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Richard Montgomery Places 9th in National Envirothon Competition

On July 26, 2021, a team from Richard Montgomery High School finished 9th out of 42 teams at the 2021 National Envirothon.

This was a great achievement as each state and province submits their best students for this competition. The Richard Montgomery team competed against other students from North America and Asia in the Envirothon Competition, which was held virtually last Monday, July 26.

The team from Richard Montgomery High School represented Maryland as they were also the champions at the State Envirothon Competition, which was held April 26-29. More impressively, they finished first in each category, which included soils, aquatics, wildlife, and forestry. This was a virtual competition due to COVID restrictions, so the students unfortunately did not get the full experience that a normal competition would bring.

For the National Envirothon, students spent the day taking tests online in the four subject areas plus a fifth issue, which was water resource management. While the classroom is not the ideal Envirothon setting, they did gain experience working together to complete the exams as well as an online presentation.

This team was made up of 11th grade students, so they do have the option of competing again in 2022. The group was made up of some extremely gifted students and we wish them much success in their future endeavors!


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